BUGTOPIA kettering

Face that fear

Face your fear and at the same time learn about these amazing eight legged beauties and their role in our eco-system

Kettering #1

We're ketterings top attraction and we thank all of our staff and customers over the years. 


Hands on education

Getting hands on really inspires minds and we find that children learn more if they are excited, and theres nothing more exiting than holding a millipede or maybe even a tarantula!!!!!!



Open NOW in the Newlands shopping centre kettering. NN16 8DP. Nearest carpark is Tanners Lane NN16 8DP


Experience hands on education about the mini beast world, its inhabitants and their roles in the survival of our planet.


Our Award winning experience is taylored to suit all ages and is a perfect place to get over some of your worst fears!!


Sessions are available through the day and are bookable in advance.


To book click here where you will be directed to our partner site

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