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One of the fundamental ideals of a Zoo is conservation, we believe in protecting the incredible variety of living things. In a perfect world we would have loved to build a living encyclopidia but unfortunately obtaining the space and resources to do so would be almost, if not impossible.


At Bugtopia The Zoo we decided to look back to our roots......................Bugs!

We found the inspiration for our conservation project in the unsung hero that is the Bee.


We will be working toward two main aims:


Support the conservation of all bees, rare or abundant
Bees are an important and required component of our biodiversity. Several species are threatened with extinction and some species can only be found in certain areas now within the UK. We aim to ensure that populations of the remaining species have a long-term future in the UK.

To achieve this we will endeavour to create Bee safe havens by protecting areas of wild fauna, increasing public awareness of how easy bee conservation can be and doing data services in and around the local areas for population numbers and try to increase this through public seeding schemes.


Raise awareness and increase understanding about bumblebees

Much enjoyment can be gained from an appreciation of Bees despite their loud buzzing noise and missunderstood appearance. 

Their pollination service and what that does for other wildlife such as other insects, birds, mammals and humans, is a clear and compelling example of the link between biodiversity and human health and welfare. We aim to increase the knowledge of this to everyone so such that they appreciate and value Bees and biodiversity more in general.



Bees help to pollinate many wildflowers, allowing them to reproduce. Without this pollination many of these plants would not produce seeds, resulting in declines in wildflowers.

Allowing areas of your lawn to grow, and spreading wild flower seeds too, not only look pretty but will do so much for Bee conservation for many generations to come, with very little effort.



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Entry Prices: As of 24/12/18


     Adult - £7.50

Child/concession - £6.50

Carer *carer id req. one carer per person*£3.75

Under 2's are FREE

Hands on Interactive sessions:




Please note: Anglian Water apply a charge for use of the car park.

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