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At Bugtopia The Zoo we have aimed to bring you a range of exhibits starting with our namesake Bugs! From worms and ants to scorpions and other interesting invertebrates right up to big mouths with lots of teeth! 


Over 90% of the animals housed at Bugtopia The Zoo are rehomed either from the pet industry, stow-aways in luggage or from other zoo's. 


There are over 75 different species of animals at Bugtopia The Zoo and the number is constantly getting larger.

Below is a gallery of just a few of our species that reside at the zoo



Meerkats are a beautiful example of a Matriarchal social group, with lookouts, foragers, and babysitters.


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Large Hairy Armadillo


Uses specially evolved membranes in its nose to obtain oxygen from the surrounding soil particles without inhaling any of the soil itself.


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Raccoon Dog


Named for it's resemblance to a Raccoon, to which it is not closely related. Often found near water, Raccoon Dogs will modify their diets seasonally.


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Asian Palm Civet


Civets are not cats, they are viverrids, and are related to the genet, the binturong and the fossa.

Civets do offer humans a few rather odd marketable products.....


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Leaf cutter Ants


One of our smaller additions to the Zoo but one of the most amazing critters on earth. 

Click here for a look at our Leaf Cutting Ants.

Frilled Dragon


The face that was the inspiration for Dilophosaurus in Jurassic park and we have one here at our Zoo


Click here to take a look at the frilled dragon.

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Please note: Anglian Water apply a charge for use of the car park.

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