Unfortunately, due to human activities and other global issues, many species are on the brink of extinction and there is usually a limited amount of funding available to help these plants and animals in need. This means many species rely almost entirely on charitable organisations to save them from extinction, and these charities desperately need support to make this happen. 

Here at Bugtopia, we are passionate about helping these incredible organisations to continue their vital work to preserve vulnerable species and fight the root causes of animal extinction across the world. 

We do this through a combination of education, within our daily encounters, by taking physical donations from our generous visitors with the help of Nelly, our Green Winged Macaw, and by taking on fundraising challenges.

Below you can see totals raised from our fundraising campaigns over the last 4 years, and the charities we have been working with.



£800 raised for VulPro Vulture Conservation Project- South Africa



$1000 raised for the Macaw Recovery Network- Costa Rica



£282 raised for Lucky Hedgehog Rescue, East Yorkshire


We are currently still fundraising for the Macaw Recovery Network in 2020, and hope to be able to make another donation shortly! 


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